Pastor Simon sharing a word on our power praying series.

This week, we begin an exciting new series looking at the fundamentals of who Jesus is and what He means to us.

This week, we look at the power and purpose of praise in our lives. 

Last week, we reflected on the past year by taking a look at the importance of Legacy

This week, we look at the importance of facing 2019 with a faith like David

As part of our Christmas Nativity service, we hear this week about the glorious free gift that God gave us one night long ago..

This week, Pastor Simon concludes our series on Biblical communication, with advice on how to resolve conflict God's way

This week, we hear that we should define ourselves by what God's word says about us and not what others say.

This week, we look at how we can affect the world around us, like salt, to add the flavour of God in our sphere of influence. 

This week, we hear the importance of guarding our tongue in the new series on Biblical Communication.

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